Improvising with Data

Improvising with Data with The University of Regina iPad Orchestra 

Tuesday March 8
Meet in ED 113 at 10:10 am where you will be introduced to the project and provided with a map. The performance begins at 10:15 am. 

Students in the Creative Technologies class CTH202 “The Tablet Orchestra” will be performing original data-based graphic scores at locations around the University of Regina campus.

These students are collecting data across the University of Regina campus, including foot traffic, ambient noise, acoustic properties of space, and audio transcribed digital photographs. The students will explore and interpret this data to create graphic scores, which they can use to perform improvised music. We invite audiences to join us to watch the first performances of these new scores, performed using tablet-based instruments, beat-makers, and other sound interfaces. This innovative new music builds upon the physical spaces used by students, staff, profs and researchers, and uses interpretations of data collections to comments on, interact with, and expose the complexities of the spaces we take for granted.

Download the map. CTCH202-CTM